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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Having a Ball at the Snowball! Cheers to You, Dorset!

 When the community of Dorset gets together, they are unbeatable.  In the past few years, the Community Group has surged forward, developing a dynamite Playground for the kids, re-furbishing the dock area, adding planters to beautify the Village, building a gazebo by the water. There's a lot of energy and camaraderie buzzing about Dorset -- a community that sits (sometimes inconveniently) on the dividing line between the Township of Lake of Bays and the Algonquin Highlands, in Haliburton.  There's no division amongst the citizens, however, who come together brilliantly.

This year, the Dorset Snowball was another huge success.  The weather was perfect. Last year it was a deep freeze, which drove a lot of visitors to the indoor activities and displays, but this year it was all about the Great Outdoors.

And how Great it was!  From the hot-air balloon rides, through the many displays by the Firehall to the action on the Skating Rink and Toboggan hill, the place was crammed.    The Face Painter was kept on the go -- and gosh, was she outstanding! Just look at these gorgeous faces!

Outdoor entertainment included the Junkyard Symphony, a display of pioneer tools (including some of the equipment used to cut out blocks of ice each winter to chill food through the summer ahead), and this Juggling, Balloon-Critter creating Stiltwalker, who helped make the Parade extra-special and who made everyone look up (which helped everyone see the iconic Dorset Lookout Tower on the hill, too!)

The toboggan hill was a 'happening place'. Indoors at the Community Centre there were all kinds of activities, and lunch on offer.  Outdoors the Lions Club was peddling hot cider and sausages.  Moose tongues were a hot selling item (and no, if you aren't sure, no moose are harmed in the making of this sweet, sugary confection)

It's not all about machines and games -- there was a chap there with his collection of animal calls, and he was playing to a rapt audience of adults and children who were fascinated by his abiltiy to conjure everything from hooting owls, keening loons to lonely moose.

 We are grateful to all the people who come together to provide such a wonderful active day for families -- and not least to the members of the Dorset Volunteer Fire Dept.  The Station was part of an open house, with volunteers on hand to take you around the various equipment and trucks (and fire trucks are an endless source of intrigue for the kids, let's be honest).  In addition the Fire Dept. put on a display of an Ice Water Rescue -- and that is something that a) you never want to be involved in as the Rescuee, and b) we are all tremendously grateful that there are people out there who know how to get you out of that kind of a mess.  Cold water is nothing to be trifled with. Add a layer of ice on top, and it is treacherous beyond all reason.

There were kids building -- and painting -- snow sculptures. A huge hit is always the Kitty Kat track -- where the McEachern family turn out with the mini-snowmobiles. You can't get these any more.  Andy works hard to keep these running, while Penny, Ruth and Grace leap nimbly around the track helping out the tiny drivers.

The big sleigh horses were happy to pause and make new friends.  The OPP were on hand with one of their trail sleds, lights flashing.  Beside that, the snowmobile club had the trail groomer there. Most people are quite taken aback by the sheer size of the equipment the clubs need to keep the snowmobile trails in great shape.  There was more -- it seemed that the action never even paused to draw breath.

Down at the Bridge, the snowmobiles were gathered in force. And yes, as always, some of them were running the open water. They call it Puddle Jumping.  We have some alternative names for it.

All this, for a $3 Carnival Button!  What a Fabulous Family Day indeed.    I ended my visit to Dorset, as I almost always do, with a quick stop at the legendary Robinson's General Store.

So here's some loud cheering for the Great Community of Dorset, who once again have put on one of the very best Winter Carnivals in the province.  Thanks!

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