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Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Payroll

We had a Nature Club here with us this past weekend. They skied the Leslie Frost Centre on Saturday, and skied our trails on Sunday. In between, they were out snowshoeing, mostly here.

Saturday night we went out to look at the Stars, and -- starting from the Big Dipper -- they can now locate 13 constellations, the Andromeda Galaxy and one variable star (which gets brighter and dimmer as the two suns eclipse each other.)  Relax, there will not be a test... we promise.

While chatting with some of them at the stable, my attention was caught by a big bird soaring over the Lookout. "That's one big raven," I thought. Until the bird dropped lower and turned back against the dark of the trees and you could very clearly see the white head and tail.  A Bald Eagle! 

That got all our attention -- and the guests suddenly, excitedly, pointed out two more eagles, lifting up over the tree line.  They were accompanied by some rather put out crows.  Now, if I were a crow, I would think twice about flying in to harrass an eagle. Have you seen those talons? That beak? Those huge wings?  But our crows are bold, and when unhappy with other birds in what they deem to be 'their sky' they tap inner depths.

The eagles were awesome, and not least because they obligingly soared low over the resort, affording great viewing and the opportunity for many camera clicks.  Kathy has promised to send me some of the pictures she took. I was shooting with a little video camera, so my shots are distant.

Some of the guests commented that this year they had not seen the deer. They were a little disappointed about that -- but, just as if they were on the payroll with the eagles, the deer were here too.   One was right outside the office window.  Another was by my house. The cars visible in the background belong to the guests who'd hoped to spot a deer. Timing, it seems, is everything.

The wolves? Well, after that huge fall of snow on Friday, Saturday morning we found the tracks of one really big wolf who had wandered in past the office, found it closed, proceeded to the stable (found it closed as well) looped around by the garage and then headed off over the hill.  

I just may have to add all these obliging wild creatures to the payroll if they are going to show up like this for our guests!

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